Customize Your Look

Code demos
Run your content full screen without navigation or status bars. You can even set an idle time, so if a visitor walks away from your kiosk, the program will return to the start page automatically.

View our sample content demos and learn the basics of setting up Kiosk Pro!

Professional Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise versions of Kiosk Pro
If you are serious about your kiosk deployment, you'll want to check out our Enterprise editions: more powerful versions of our standard iTunes apps.

If you are deploying multiple kiosks, we offer volume discounts on orders of 50 or more Enterprise edition licenses.


Browse Web Pages Offline

itunes apps
If your iPad does not have access to the Internet, you can easily set up Kiosk Pro to display web pages and media from local files stored on iPad directly.

Learn more about our iTunes apps and start using Kiosk Pro today!

Need Remote Management?

Remote Management
If you are deploying kiosks remotely, you'll want to know how each of your iPads is being used and to be notified if a kiosk is in trouble, out of paper, been moved, has lost power, become non-responsive and more. Find out about our powerful Remote Management system for iOS kiosks!

You've found Kiosk Pro! Now what do you need?

iPad Kiosk Enclosures

Countertop iPad Enclosure
Your iPad kiosk project requires sturdy and stable iPad kiosk enclosures that will protect and enhance your iPad and message.

Used in conjunction with the Kiosk Pro app, our kiosk enclosures restrict users to your chosen content, while at the same time securing the iPad from theft or damage. We've taken more than thirty years of experience making kiosks and created the most secure and professional iPad kiosk enclosures on the market.

Content & Custom HTML Programming

Countertop iPad Enclosure
We've worked to make Kiosk Pro compatible with several types of content files, including .pdfs, but we continue to recommend using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create the most flexible and user-friendly kiosk presentations.

Backed by our experience both with the Kiosk Pro platform and with creating engaging kiosk experiences for visitors, we can help you with the custom HTML development required to make your kiosk idea a reality. Please contact us about your project and we'll be happy to provide you with an estimate of the cost and timeline for development.

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