Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Our most powerful version, Kiosk Pro Enterprise opens up more possibilities for your kiosk deployment.
Kiosk Pro Enterprise costs $79.99 per device.

Purchase individual device licenses directly through the App Store or purchase multiple licenses as a single transaction through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (requires free enrollment, only available in select countries).

Download on the app store.

Enterprise includes all features in Plus and adds support for several kiosk-friendly peripheral devices.

Card swipe icon

Accept card swipes

Allow visitors to order a product or pay for a service immediately.

Printer icon

Print to a thermal printer

Connect to a Star or Custom America printer to print text, images, QR codes, and UPC barcodes.

Barcode scanning icon

Scan barcodes

Use the iPad's built in camera to allow visitors to look up prices and information.

External screen icon

Connect to an external monitor

Use your device as a menu controller to drive content on a secondary large-screen display.

Color palette icon

Customize navigation

Set your own graphics for the app’s bottom navigation bar, creating a fully-customized experience.

Heartbeat icon

Keep track of your kiosk

Compatible with our remote management server (purchased as a separate subscription) to give you the ability to manage & monitor your kiosks from anywhere.

Powered by our JavaScript API

Most of the functionality above is accessed through calls embedded in your content to Kiosk Pro Enterprise’s JavaScript API.

We’ve put together documentation and sample code for each section of the API; as this relies on code that is built into Kiosk Pro Enterprise, it will not run in other browsers, but should give you a better idea of how the API works and could be implemented in your project.

API Documentation
A Tower model kiosk, which securely encloses an iPad and an external LCD screen.

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