Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Kiosk Pro?

    Kiosk Pro is a series of apps designed to turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a professional kiosk!

    Our apps are easy to set up, allowing you to customize how your content is presented on the iPad. You just need Kiosk Pro, an enclosure to protect your device and the content you want to share with your visitors.

  • How many app licenses do I need?

    Our apps are covered by Apple’s standard end-user license agreement and App Store terms, which requires purchasing a license for each individual iPad in a public setting as it is used by multiple users.

  • Which version do I need?

    Which version you need will depend on how you have the kiosk set up and the individual needs of your project.

    If you are new to Kiosk Pro, you may want to start out by trying our free Lite version so you can become familiar with the basics of what Kiosk Pro can do before making a purchase.

  • What type of content can I display?

    Kiosk Pro is based on Apple's UIWebView browser, operating similarly to Safari for iPad, and is designed to present web-friendly content and media as a customized kiosk app.

    For optimal performance, your content should be coded as web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Kiosk Pro can also display PDF’s and iPad-compatible audio and video files.

  • Can I upgrade from one version to another?

    While it’s possible to move from one version to another, there is currently no way to ‘upgrade’ a license. Moving to a new version requires a full purchase. You may want to consider how your deployment will be used in the future as you decide which version to select.

  • How do I download Kiosk Pro?

    All versions of the app are available on iTunes & the App Store.

    Links to download each app in iTunes are available in the top navigation bar or you can go to the App Store app directly on a device and search for Kiosk Pro.


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