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$39.99 per kiosk

We've outlined the feature sets of each of our iTunes kiosk apps below to help you decide which version is right for you! You can click any of the feature titles below to find out more information about how they work and what exactly they do.

These standard versions of Kiosk Pro Lite, Kiosk Pro, and Kiosk Pro Plus operate on iOS devices running iOS 5.1 or higher. These versions are all available for sale directly & exclusively through iTunes and can be purchased at any time by clicking the icons above.

iPad Kiosk on Angle

iPad Standalone Kiosk from are available in Standalone, Countertop, Wall and Retailer models.

Basic Functionality Lite Pro Plus
Set your own Kiosk Home Screen
Return to Home Screen after Set Idle Time
Idle Time Limit Alert    
Limit Users to Internet Domains You Specify
Toggle Off-Allowed-Domain Alert
Edit Text for Custom Off-Domain Alert  
Configure a Browsing Time Limit
Disables Phone & Email Links
Disables iPad Sleep/Auto-Lock Mode
Clear Cache and Cookies on Return to Start Page  
Allow Users to Print to any Airprint-enabled Printer  
Automatically Dim & Wake iPad at Preset Times of your Choice    
Choose to Dim on Home Screen to Save Power    
In-App Settings and Help on Launch, Touch Gesture/Password, or Never
Video Screensaver/Digital Sign Mode    
Content Lite Pro Plus
Optimized to Display HTML, CSS, JavaScript
iPad-Compatible Audio & Video Files
Improved PDF Display Options  
Run other iOS Apps Not possible. Not possible. Not possible.
Display Options Lite Pro Plus
Supports Landscape & Portrait Display
Show or Hide the iPad's Status Bar
Show or Hide the Address Bar
Show or Hide the Navigation Bar
Define up to Six Custom Links in the Navigation Bar  
On-Screen Loading Indicator  
Set Background Color for Seamless Transitions  
Enable or Disable Touch Gestures
Disable Zoom & Pinch Mode  
AutoPlay &/or Loop Audio & Video Content  
Set User Agent to Display iPad, Desktop, or Kiosk Pro-specific Version of Site    
Local Mode Lite Pro Plus
Store and View Web Pages & Media Locally on the iPad  
Shift Seamlessly to Local Content on Loss of Internet  
Save User Data to your iPad
(*In local mode only. Not permitted when connected to the Internet.)
Camera and Screen Access Lite Pro Plus
Allow Users to Take Photos
(*In local mode only. Not permitted when connected to the Internet.)
Allow Users to Take Video
(*In local mode only. Not permitted when connected to the Internet.)
On-Screen Signature or Drawing Capture
(*In local mode only. Not permitted when connected to the Internet.)
Kiosk Identification Lite Pro Plus
Define a Unique iPad Identifier  
Access Unique iPad ID via JavaScript  
Remote Updates and Monitoring Lite Pro Plus
Email on Power Supply Loss and Recovery  
Change Kiosk Settings with a Remote XML file  
Deploy Settings across Multiple Kiosks with a Single File  
Email on Successful Remote Settings Update  
Remotely Add & Delete Local Content on iPad    
Email on Successful Remote Update of Content    
Remote Logging of JavaScript Variables    
Knock-Over Detection via Accelerometer (Patent Pending)    
Availability & Pricing Lite Pro Plus
Single and Multiple Licenses Available on iTunes Free! $4.99 $39.99
Need more than a few licenses?
Click for details on Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

But Wait... There's More!

Do you need to put Kiosk Pro on several iPads? Get more information on how Apple's Volume Purchase Program can streamline the process.

Are you a business with advanced requirements - streamlined, user-friendly printing; the ability to connect to peripheral devices like thermal receipt printers and magnetic card strip readers; or scanning of QR codes and UPC barcodes? Find out more about how you can advance your projects goals with Kiosk Pro Enterprise editions.

Do you need the ability to closely monitor your kiosks from a single interface? Our KPE Server editions can help you easily manage your deployment.


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