Whitelabel Rebranding

Need a custom app for a project? We can help.

Rebranding is available for our Plus and Enterprise versions and provides several advantages beyond simply changing the appearance of the app, including the ability to preconfigure settings and app version control.

Your rebranded app is distributed as a custom B2B app through Apple's Volume Purchase Program and will not be available on the public App Store. After submission and approval by Apple, you can purchase and distribute license codes to your devices.

Preconfigured Settings & Launch Behavior

One of the main advantages of rebranding is the ability to preset a URL for Remote Settings Control, allowing you to define how the app functions without configuring each device individually.

You can also choose how you want the app to launch initially after installation, making it easier to deploy and restore devices remotely without a dedicated IT person on site. Options include:

Show app settings

This approach allows the person setting up the device the chance to manually edit the app’s settings before running the kiosk presentation.

Launch immediately

The app shows a plain, black loading screen while settings are applied from a predefined remote .xml file and the app launches directly to the configured homepage.

Prompt for a Unique iPad ID

Kiosk Pro’s app settings are never shown. Once the user enters the Unique iPad ID, the app displays a plain, black loading screen while the rest of settings are applied from a predefined remote .xml file. The app then launches directly to the configured homepage.

Your icon & name

Rebranding allows Kiosk Pro to look like your own app, using custom graphics for the icon and the app name of your choice to be shown on the Home screen when the app is installed.

Version control

Easily control when devices in the field are updated, allowing you to test new versions of the app with your content before releasing an update.


Rebranding is available for our Plus and Enterprise versions. The annual fee does not include the cost of individual licenses, which must be purchased through Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

The development fee includes up to 6 updates per year, provided on request. Additional updates are available for a per update fee if needed.

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Terms & Requirements

As rebranded versions are sold through Apple’s B2B program, you must be eligible for and enrolled in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Business.

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We set up an individual Trello board for each rebranding project, allowing everyone involved to see the current status of the app and whether there is anything still outstanding from either party that could potentially cause a delay.