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Kiosk Pro is a flexible browser for iOS that turns your iPad into a public kiosk.
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Standalone iPad kiosk, running Kiosk Pro

Display web pages, documents or media files as an interactive kiosk

An example of content for an iPad kiosk.

Display web pages, documents or media files as an interactive kiosk

At a tradeshow

Inform visitors about your products or services.

In a museum

Share an interactive learning experience.

In a retail store

Collect customer information for your mailing list.

You're in good company.

Improving and adapting since the beginning

Introduced alongside the first generation of iPads back in 2010, Kiosk Pro was the first kiosk app for iOS.

We’ve been in continuous development since then and are committed to maintaining Kiosk Pro as the best kiosk app for iOS.

As a result, we fully support the latest devices. Kiosk Pro can run on any iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 9.3.5 or later.

Kiosk Pro looks great on the large iPad Pro screen.

Successful Kiosk Pro projects

Rosphoto logo

ROSPHOTO uses kiosks for interactive presentations and informing visitors of current exhibitions.

University of Illinois logo

The U of I chemistry department uses Kiosk Pro to increase the time that undergraduate students get to spend hands-on in the lab without increasing teaching assistant time.

Rohecom logo

Rohecom uses our app in a retail environment where customers can find more information on products while shopping in store.

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With several versions available, our Kiosk Pro apps offer an option for everyone, whether you are just starting out with your first kiosk or are putting together a large deployment.

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