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The Department of Chemistry has been part of the University of Illinois since the university's beginning in 1868.

Over its 150 year history, the department has been the site of some of the most important chemical breakthroughs of the last century, and has counted eleven Nobel Prize winners amongst its faculty, fellows, and alumni. Learn More

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Douglas Mills, Director of Instructional Technologies

Lessons On Demand

We use Kiosk Pro to increase the time that undergraduate students get to spend hands-on in the lab without increasing teaching assistant time.

In our organic teaching labs, the kiosks are the primary resource for students to review procedures while working on their experiments.

Students who need to refresh their memories on particular lab techniques can access videos any time.

Modern Data Collection

In our general chemistry labs, kiosks are set up to collect data generated by the students in their experiments and submit them to the course management system for further analysis outside the lab.

Students are able to use their own laptops or mobile devices to enter their experimental results, but we provide the kiosks for convenience, or for students who may not have their own devices.

Available Anytime

Keeping students on task is essential. Kiosk Pro lets us make sure the technology is used as intended by locking down our content.

The ability to disable sleep means we can rely on Kiosk Pro to keep the kiosks up and running, available whenever a student needs them.

Features for Success

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Clear sensitive data

Clear login information between student sessions to keep data secure.

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Block other websites

Restrict visitors from leaving the content you have displayed.

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Hide the address bar

Allow your content to fill the whole screen and look like a native app.

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