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Jen Herman, Director of Enrollment Operations & One Stop Services

Success with Self-Service

The kiosk in our One Stop for Student Success Services allows students and visitors to browse topics and receive on-screen information to resolve their issue.

This information answers questions about university community topics like registration, enrollment, financial aid, and student records.

Locking down the user interaction within Kiosk Pro helps keep the device functioning and ready for the next visitor.

No More Lines

If visitors can’t find the information they need on their own, they can use a check-in system to be placed in a queue to talk with a staff member.

Visitors can relax in our lobby area rather than standing in line waiting for a counter to open, which helps remove stress from the process.

Keep Things Simple

Our advice to other users is to make it obvious how to get started and how to get back to the first screen in case the previous visitor left before completing the process.

Using Kiosk Pro’s Idle Time Limit, we can redirect back to the welcome screen if a visitor walks away from the kiosk. We also provide a “Start Over” button in our content to make it easy for visitors to get back to the beginning.

Features for Success

Refresh icon

Return to the homepage

Create a fresh experience for the next visitor after a set period of inactivity.

Lock icon

Clear sensitive data

Clear login information between student sessions to keep data secure.

Eye icon

Hide the address bar

Allow your content to fill the whole screen and look like a native app.

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