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Peter van Helden

Access to a complete catalog

We use Kiosk Pro to help clients bridge the divide between their in-store retail experience and their online presence.

Each sales kiosk uses an interactive website we built specifically for the iPad which connects to the backend of a Magento webshop.

Customers in a shop can swipe through the complete catalog of the retailer and quickly find the products he or she is interested in, including real-time availability and pricing.

Saving time and improving experiences

Providing a great visitor experience is our main goal.

With multiple kiosk stations placed throughout a store, customers can easily find out more about a specific product or view products not available in-store.

The kiosks free up staff time and allow customers to find exactly what they need to make an informed decision about making a purchase.

Features for Success

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Return to the homepage

Create a fresh experience for the next visitor after a set period of inactivity.

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Block other websites

Restrict visitors from leaving the content you have displayed.

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Hide the address bar

Allow your content to fill the whole screen and look like a native app.

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