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About Rosphoto

Rosphoto is a state museum and exhibition center that carries out activities in all areas of current issues related to photography and image: exhibition and research programs in the field of visual culture.

In its activities, the center actively cooperates with authoritative international museum and archival organizations and cultural institutions, with Russian museums and archives. Learn More

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Contributed by Alexey Tikhonov

Providing helpful info to visitors

Our museum layout is complex, with galleries located in different parts of the building, all accessed through different entrances.

Our information kiosks help visitors know which galleries are open and how to locate them. They also display information for current and past exhibitions, allow access to the museum’s website, and let visitors subscribe to our newsletter.

Interactive exhibits

With limited gallery space, we try to augment exhibitions with additional interactive content by connecting iPads to external monitors.

One exhibit featured photographs from private photo albums of two soldiers in WWI. While the photos were displayed on the walls, visitors could also browse full virtual albums on the kiosk.

Almost all of our regular visitors accessed a virtual part of the museum. For the WWI project it was especially important because the project’s value was mainly historical, and our kiosks provided additional information and context.

Offline compatible

Our interactive presentations are pretty heavy (some galleries have over 100 photographs) and hosting them on a server can be slow and too reliant on a good Wi-Fi connection.

Kiosk Pro’s ability to store content locally and remotely update the content has been tremendously helpful.

Features for Success

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Display a screensaver

Attract visitors to your kiosk with a looping video and/or image screensaver.

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Send content to an external screen

Use the iPad as a controller to send videos to a separate monitor.

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Store files offline

Allow visitors to use your kiosk without a Wi-Fi connection.

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