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Adam Walker

About the project

We use Kiosk Pro to provide an interactive experience for the Mataura Museum's visitors within a small exhibit space.

The kiosk displays a menu with a selection of videos. The visitor chooses a video and is shown a short video clip relating to that topic.

Designed for museums

Museum exhibitions can often run for years, which puts a lot of stress on the iPad.

Kiosk Pro lets us schedule when the iPad should turn off the screen. This saves power and increases the life of the iPad.

We can also remotely update app settings, making it easy to develop and test quickly without pulling the iPad from the enclosure.

Source: Chinwag

Compact & affordable

The simplicity of the iPad allowed the museum to maximize their minimal space.

The cost efficiency of Kiosk Pro and the iPad allowed us to deliver more within the museum’s limited budget.

Features for Success

Video play icon

Display a screensaver

Attract visitors to your kiosk with a looping video and/or image screensaver.

Eye icon

Hide the address bar

Allow your content to fill the whole screen and look like a native app.

Folder icon

Store files offline

Allow visitors to use your kiosk without a Wi-Fi connection.

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