Adam Walker

Toulouse specializes in providing technical solutions to support creative concepts.
They use Kiosk Pro to provide an interactive experience for the Mataura Museum's visitors within a small exhibit space.

Can you describe your visitor's interaction with the kiosk?

The kiosk is the perfect solution to our project. It displays a home screen with 5 videos. The visitor selects one of the videos and is shown a short video clip relating to that topic.

Source: Chinwag

How does this interactive technology impact a visitor's experience?

The simplicity and compact form of the iPad allowed the museum to maximize their minimal space. The cost efficiency of the iPad (compared to an equivalent media player and commercial touch screen) allowed us to deliver more within the museum’s limited budget.

What feedback have you received from visitors?

Overall, we've had nothing but positive comments, including:

“A simple, clean design”.

“A perfect solution for a small museum space”.

Source: South Today News

Which features of Kiosk Pro have you found most helpful in setting up your kiosk?

The Kiosk Pro support team was helpful when we had questions about setting up Kiosk Pro.

Using Remote Settings Control allows us to remotely update app settings on a single page, making development and testing possible on a computer.

Any advice for others considering deploying an iPad kiosk?

I would say be careful when planning how to turn your unit on/off each day. Only Kiosk Pro's Enterprise version is able to completely turn off the iPad screen.

If you decide to leave your iPad on 24/7, your screen has an expected life of 5 years. In our case, this can begin to cause issues with museum exhibitions which can often run for 10+ years.

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