Download Kiosk Pro

Kiosk Pro is available exclusively through the App Store or
Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

Kiosk Pro Lite is free to download.

Kiosk Pro Lite

Free to use. Perfect for small projects hosted online.

Kiosk Pro Basic is $19.99 per device.

Kiosk Pro Basic

Includes additional features that make it easy to set up a larger deployment or projects hosted offline.

Kiosk Pro Plus is $39.99 per device.

Kiosk Pro Plus

Adds support for advanced customization with powerful management features built right in.

Kiosk Pro Enterprise is $79.99 per device.

Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Designed for more complex projects that require peripherals (like card readers or thermal printers).

One license per device

Our apps are covered by Appleā€™s standard end-user license agreement and App Store terms, which require a separate license for each individual iPad in a public setting.

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Apple's Volume Purchase Program

For large deployments, you can sign up for Apple's VPP to easily purchase and distribute the app throughout your organization.

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